• Why should I use GoPro Distribution products? For over two decades, we have provided safe, superior and environmentally-friendly products. We stand behind our products and the service we provide to our customers.


• Who uses Go-Pro Distribution products? We have partnered with snow management contractors, property managers, retail stores/garden centers and landscape contractors.


• Why is it important to melt ice fast? The faster you melt the ice the sooner it will be safe for foot and vehicle traffic.


• What’s the down side of using calcium chloride to melt ice? Besides its higher cost, calcium chloride dilutes fast, losing its melting ability after about an hour.

 What is the benefit of using sodium chloride (NaCl/common salt) for melting ice? Sodium chloride’s chemical properties allow it to continue melting ice for much longer than calcium chloride. This keeps sidewalks clear longer and minimizes the need for reapplication.

 What’s the downside of using sodium chloride? Sodium chloride melts slowly and loses its melting ability below -5°F.

• Why should I use a blended deicer like Fusion Melt? Fusion Melt uses both calcium chloride and sodium chloride to give you the best of both products. The CaCl2 component helps ice melt fast at lower temperatures, and the NaCl component keeps the ice melted. What’s more, the calcium chloride raises the surface temperature and enables the salt component to operate in the lower temperatures where it would normally be ineffective by itself.

• What is the difference between Fusion Melt and calcium chloride? While calcium chloride does melt at a slightly lower temperature (-25°F), Fusion Melt offers many advantages over calcium chloride. Fusion Melt melts longer (up t0 24 hours). It is less corrosive than calcium chloride. And Fusion Melt is safer for plants and vegetation; safer for children and pets; and safer to handle. Because of its long melt time and sparser application, Fusion Melt actually saves you time and money.

• How is ice melt applied? Ice melt products can be applied many different ways. The most typical application method for home use and commercial sidewalks is a walk-behind spreader–found at any home improvement or garden store. These spreaders can double as fertilizer and seed spreaders in the warmer months. For parking lots or commercial applications, electric or hydraulic spreaders are most commonly used.

• How much ice melt should I spread? All ice melts have different application rates and can be found on the product package.

• Will ice melt products damage my concrete? If applied correctly to properly poured concrete you should see no harmful effects. Portland Cement Association tested both sodium chloride’s and calcium chloride’s effects on concrete in real outdoor winter conditions. After 36+ years of testing, results showed no damage to properly formulated, finished and cured concrete.