Calcium Chloride


Calcium chloride is exothermic and generates heat on contact. As a result, when pellets are spread onto ice and snow-coated surfaces they react with the water to generate heat that rapidly melts ice. It’s effective working temperature is -25°F and it is the fastest acting deicing product available. In its pellet form, calcium chloride penetrates and undercuts ice quickly so the top layer can easily be scraped off.

Bagged Salt


Rock salt is the standard, economical chemical for deicing roadways and sidewalks. Sodium chloride has remained an industry standard due to its economical price and ability to melt ice effectively down to 15°F.


Since the most important variable of a deicer’s effectiveness is not air temperature but pavement temperature, rock salt continues to be an effective deicer in many US locations through most of the winter season. Our rock salt is screened for easy dispersal through hand and truck spreaders.

Bulk Treated Salt


Our Sweet Mix, bulk treated salt, has been thoroughly blended with  a completely biodegradable, environmentally friendly additives to make it less corrosive (will not damage steel doors, thresholds, equipment, carpets, floors or concrete),  more effective at lower temperatures (working temperature of –35°) and more efficient.  

We have found that our treated salt requires 30-40% less material than straight bulk salt, thus reducing cost. Sweet mix Enhanced Blended Salt releases far less chlorides into the environment than either plain deicing salt or calcium chloride. 

Bulk Salt

Bulk Deicing Salt (NaCl) is the most common and least expensive way to eliminate snow and ice on roads, bridges, parking lots and other large surfaces. Our bulk deicing salt meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specification D 632 and is treated with yellow prussiate of soda (YPS), an anti-caking agent.

Fusion Melt: The Better Deicer

Fusion Melt sets the standard for snow and ice melt products. When the temperatures plummet and the freezing sets in, our premium blended, extended-release formula continuously melts during ultra-low temperatures (down to -20°F) and for up to 24 hours. That’s MUCH longer than other ice melt products! Since you use less product and  apply less frequently, you’ll save time and money.

Fusion Melt is an environmentally friendly formula that is  safer on sidewalks, ramps and loading docks. It’s safer for children, pets and plants as well as being   safer to handle than traditional products. Using Fusion Melt, as directed, actually minimizes hidden costs of de-icing such as concrete spalling and cracking, surface damage, sod damage, and shrub replacement.  For more on Fusion Melt, click here


10 Reasons Fusion Melt Beats Other Ice Melt Products

1. Less corrosive.Contains corrosion inhibitor CMA, and because less deicer is needed, less harmful effects occur.


2.Lasts longer. Fusion Melt continues working for up to 24 hours. Far longer than calcium chloride.


3. Saves you time and money. Fusion Melt is applied in smaller quantities and less frequently—saving you time and money!


4. Use less product. Fusion Melt is so effective you apply less product.


5. Safer for plants and vegetation.


6. Safer for pets and children.


7. Safer for surfaces.


8. Safer to handle.


9. Environmentally friendly formula.


10.Orange-colored pellets to visually ensure proper application.